Winner Announced in Premo Roofing Companies Free Roof Giveaway

Orlando and Michelle Vargas of Salinas have been named winners of the Premo Roofing 6th Annual Free Roof Giveaway campaign.

Despite the hundreds of nominations, this year’s winner stood out from the rest.

The needs of the Vargas family and the condition of their roof were only part of why they were selected.    Both have suffered ongoing illnesses as well as job loss and loss of personal property through theft.  These circumstances have prevented them from making the necessary repairs on their home and roof.  They are a good family raising good kids. Premo Roofing is privileged to provide them some encouragement along the way.  

Every year this campaign is an eye-opening experience!  They never imagine the number of people who would respond.  There is a real need out there! Premo Roofing is pleased to be able to bring their friends and colleagues together; not only to fill a need for one person, but also to see what might develop as we bring others’ needs to light. 

Premo Roofing is excited to celebrate with everyone who made this possible.  Teaming up for the good of the community has been one of the program highlights.  Other local businesses that pledged their support of this year’s Free Roof Giveaway were R&S Supply, Gourley Construction, Premo Solar, Paint-Tech Painting and Decorating, Lepe Gutters and Sheet Metal, Jesse Reimer Electric, and Tri-County Skylight Manufacturing Co.

Premo Roofing will continue to be committed to making a difference in their community. The focus of their daily business is to provide families and businesses with safe, high quality roofing systems. By providing those less fortunate with a safe roof over their heads, together we can build stronger neighborhoods.

Premo Roofing