Giving Thanks in 2020

This year many traditions will be put on hold. Many people will be spending the holiday away from family and friends due to COVID-19–related travel restrictions or safety concerns.  With two days until Thanksgiving here at Premo Roofing, we can’t wait for the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen and the sense of belonging and … Continued

Your roof is already one of the most functional parts of your home, but it can provide even more benefits to your home.  One of those ways is to provide a platform for solar panels that can help you benefit from clean, renewable energy, which can help you cut down on your energy costs and carbon … Continued

Have you ever noticed that certain areas of your home are extremely dark and dingy?  This may be the result of shaded areas or just poor lighting.  Many people will just use fluorescent lighting to solve the problem, but many people don’t like the brightness of fluorescents. Skylights are a great alternative to fluorescent lighting and add … Continued

Premo Roofing is proud to announce the opening of their dedicated Roof Maintenance division.  The roof maintenance division was started due to the strong need for a commercial, industrial and residential roof maintenance service company in the tri-county area.   Roof replacements are one of the most expensive investments that a building or homeowner can make. Regular roof … Continued

When most people think of a roofing contractor they think of a drain on your checkbook.  You’re right because it does take a significant initial investment when hiring a reputable roofing contractor.  But what most people don’t realize is that a roofing contractor has numerous ways to make the cost more tolerable in the long run.  And most … Continued

We know that feeling of panic when you discover a growing stain on your ceiling and then you have to place a bucket under that stain to catch the dripping water.  If you want to try and prevent the leaks in the future, you need to know what causes the leaks in the first place.  Below are … Continued

For over 37 years, Premo Roofing has been proud to be a part of the Monterey and Santa Cruz county community.  You’re the friends, neighbors, and clients who have sustained us – and we want to give back to a local family in need. We are once again proud to announce that we are partnering with … Continued

Over the past 30 days, many people have asked us how the coronavirus is impacting our business and what’s going to happen with future roofing projects.  In this blog we will attempt to address these questions, being open and transparent, following our core values as a company. Q:        Are there any financing options available? A:         You may be … Continued

Your health and protection are a top priority at Premo Roofing Company. As we monitor the news and impact of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) on our community, we want our customers and all of those in our community to know that we serve to know that your peace of mind is our priority. With … Continued


If at some point you need to replace your roof or insulate your existing roof in an effort to decrease your utility bills, there’s a chance you will be asked to understand a measurement called the “R-Value.”  Most people don’t know what this means and could be very confusing.  This article will attempt to answer several questions: What … Continued

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