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Creating Energy Independence and a Bright Sustainable Future to Families and Businesses in Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties

Our mission is to make it easy for home and business owners to achieve energy independence by selling renewable energy at prices below utility rates. While the power companies continue to raise rates, Premo Solar strongly believes in offering customers a more practical option through solar energy. We want you to save money while helping to create a cleaner tomorrow for future generations..
Premo Solar was founded on the realization that solar is now as essential to your home or business as the roof over your head. With your roof being the most logical place to install solar panels every solar project needs to involve a licensed roofing contractor. Without roofing expertise your solar project is missing half of the equation!

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Here’s why roofing experience is important for solar installation

  • Implement best roofing installation practices for solar panels.
  • Recognize any red flags during the site inspection of a new or existing roof.
  • Answer any questions regarding the impact of traditional solar panels on the roof.
  • Install your rooftop solar panel system using techniques to prevent future roofing issues.
  • Quickly address any issues that may come up with the roof during installation of the solar panels.
  • Ensure that your roof warranty remains secure.


With proper financing, solar can be a reality for almost any budget. It’s easier and more affordable than ever to let the sun power your home. Premo Solar can help you through the process.

  • Premo Solar is an authorized contractor for CaliforniaFIRST’s residential PACE (property assessed clean energy) program. PACE loans are made possible by legislation that allows providers of finance and governments to work together to offer residential homeowners loans for energy efficient products, including solar.
  • If you have built up equity in your home, consider a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). Easy to do and you can start the process with a call to your bank or any local bank that offered HELOCs.
  • If you are getting a new home mortgage loan the cost of buying a solar photovoltaic system could be included.

Promotional advertisement featuring two side-by-side images. On the left, a residential roof with solar panels, with the logo of Premo Roofing and text stating 'LIMITED TIME OFFER'. Below, it offers a $1,000 incentive on newly installed solar systems and mentions a 30% solar investment tax credit and the CA Property Tax Exclusion. It prompts to ask about a free roof inspection and provides a phone number. On the right, a close-up of solar panels with the logo of Premo Solar, highlighting a $1000 incentive and urging to purchase a new solar system today to claim the $1,000.


Installing solar panels is a perfect way to reduce or even totally eliminate your electric bill each month. While the savings can be enormous, there are some things you need to think about before adding solar panels to your home’s roof.

You’ll want to determine how old your roof is and make sure it’s safe to install solar panels. A reputable solar company like Premo Solar will check for wear and tear as well as the roof’s support structure to make sure the roof can support the weight of the panels. If it is discovered the roof has underlying issues, a capable roofing contractor like Premo Roofing can repair and strengthen the roof to ready the structure for the installation of the solar panels.

The surface area of your roof will determine how large the solar system can be. If your roof is reasonably small or only gets direct sunlight on a small portion of the roof, the quantity of panels that can be installed will be limited. Your solar installation team can help you determine what is the best solution for your roof.

Obviously, solar panels work best when they are in direct sunlight where they can produce the maximum amount of energy. Keep in mind, the direct sun exposure doesn’t have to last all day because most panels can produce electricity even in lower light.

If you are planning on staying in your home for the next few years, solar panels can be a perfect investment. It can take several years before you see a full return on your investment, so if you are planning to move in the next year you may want to put off your solar purchase. But remember, if you do end up selling your home your new solar system can increase your home’s resale value by at least 4 percent.

A neighborhood HOA can overturn your plans to install solar on your home. They may specify how many panels you are allowed to install or could constrain you from installing them at all.
If you’ve been asking yourself, should I get solar for my home? Schedule an estimate with an experienced professional like Premo Roofing and let them assess your needs.

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