It’s easy to get carried away decorating your home for the holidays. We’re here to let you know you can still go all out without seriously injuring your budget. Check out these seven ways to save when decorating, and if you have other money-saving tips, please share them with us on our Facebook page.  Have … Continued

Kitchen gadgets have a bad rap for being used once, and then forgotten at the bottom of a drawer only to resurface in a garage sale ten years later when a confused buyer asks, “what is this for?” But then there are the indispensable. that you find, and then can’t imagine cooking without. Here are … Continued

Everyone loves Halloween, but we all know there can be too much of a good thing. If you limit how much your children can eat they will almost certainly end up with a large amount of leftover Halloween candy. Even taking advantage of one of those Halloween leftover candy recipe ideas, you may find you … Continued

Homeowners often find confusing information when researching roof cleaning services. To assist homeowners with making informed decisions when deciding on which roof-cleaning contractor to hire, this information describes the differences between the three main roof-cleaning methods. Eco-friendly, non-bleach, low-pressure roof cleaning Roof cleaning companies that use this method use high-grade eco-friendly products that do not … Continued

Labor Day weekend is often termed the last weekend of summer. And, if you have children, the school year is just getting started. So this is the last weekend to take in that one last breath of summer. Below are six inexpensive ways to celebrate the holiday weekend. Host a potluck barbecue. Barbecues are one … Continued

A roof in need of some type of attention will show multiple warning signs that should never be ignored. We’ve put together a list of common warning signs to look for that could save you a lot of money in the future. PROBLEM:     There are black stains on the Roof WHAT IS YOUR ROOF TRYING … Continued

Every homeowner that needs a new roof has the same thought – “It’s to expensive. We can’t afford to replace our roof right now.” By the time most homeowners are ready for a roof replacement, there is a real need and there is no time to spare. With 100% financing available, Premo Roofing makes it … Continued

      Summer is definitely upon us and we know the last thing on your mind is thinking of doing maintenance on your roof. These tips will only take you several hours and the time you spend will help prolong its lifespan and prevent any unexpected repairs in the future. Below is a short … Continued

Geraldine Drager and her daughter Wendi of Santa Cruz have been named winners of the Premo Roofing 1st Annual Free Roof Giveaway campaign. Despite the hundreds of nominations, this year’s winner stood out from the rest. Geraldine’s own needs and the condition of their roof were only part of why she was selected. It was … Continued

Roofing systems are one of your most valuable assets that must be maintained and protected. Roof surfaces do not wear evenly due to weathering and other environmental exposures. The proper maintenance of a roof system may extend the life of the roof as well as reduce the potential of water damage to the interior of … Continued

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