The Must-Do Summer Roof Maintenance




Summer is definitely upon us and we know the last thing on your mind is thinking of doing maintenance on your roof. These tips will only take you several hours and the time you spend will help prolong its lifespan and prevent any unexpected repairs in the future. Below is a short list of maintenance to-do list. Remember, to ensure your safety these tasks should be performed from the ground.

Summer Maintenance To-Do List

Inspect Gutters and Downspouts

Clean our gutters, downspouts and drains. After the job is done, test them by running water through them. If the water flows freely with no leaks then your job is done.

Check The Roof Valleys

The next time you are out doing your landscaping, take a minute to look at your roof valleys for any leaves and debris that may be present. If the valleys are blocked they could potentially hold water and cause unwanted damage to your roof. So be sure to take some time and clear them out.

Inspect Your Roof From The Ground

Take the time to walk around and look for lifting, cracked or dented shingles and moss growth. Getting a small problem fixed early can prevent larger roof repairs down the road.

Inspect your flashing

Inspect the flashing around the chimney, skylight, vents, and satellite dish. Flashing can loosen or weaken over time.

Don’t forget the eaves

Be sure to check the underside of the eaves for leaves and other debris and clean it out. Be careful because the eaves are a favorite spot for insects and birds.

So what is the importance of summer roofing maintenance? The summer season can bring many challenges for your roof including high temperatures, humidity, rain, and heavy winds. If you take some time to do some quick checks you will make sure your roof:

  • Is up to the task of handling summer’s biggest challenges
  • Is in good operating condition and,
  • You are on track to meet the life expectancy of your roofing system.

If you just don’t have the time to inspect your roof yourself, make arrangements for Premo Roofing Company to perform the maintenance. We can help you spot problems before they develop into costly repairs. To learn about our maintenance program or make an appointment email or call us. Remember, you deserve a Premo Roofing Experience!


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