Why Should I Invest In Solar Panels?

Solar energy is an amazing resource that just keeps getting better and more efficient.  At Premo Roofing and Premo Solar, we are roofing and solar experts. We specialize in all types of residential and commercial roofing and top it off with cutting-edge solar technology.  Many of our clients have questions regarding solar energy systems and why solar is worth the money.  

Reduces Your Monthly Electric Bill

Your electric bill can really climb during the summer months when AC units are humming and pulling enormous amounts of energy from the electrical grid.  Solar panels produce energy year-round, and they not only reduce your electric bill, but they can help you get money back.  Will you still have an electricity bill?  The answer is simple:  yes.  You’ll see a breakdown of how much energy the company has credited to your account, and how much you’ve consumed.  You’ll have an option of paying your bill annually, quarterly, or monthly, which will break down your usage and credits.  Eventually, your system may produce enough power that the utility company will owe you money, instead of the other way around.  

What Your Return on Investment?

Solar can be an investment, but it’s also an investment that can pay for itself.  It’s a proven fact that over time solar save on electrical bills.  And, if you have enough, you can start to earn your energy credit depending on your energy company.  The amount of money you save by investing in solar energy varies, depending on factors including where you live, the incentives available from your state government and the type of system you install.  Regardless of the system that is installed, the savings can be significant.

Be Energy Independent

Wouldn’t it be great to never have to deal with those energy bills or having to be part of the energy grid? You can at least get a step closer to that goal by installing a solar system on your home.  Having an active solar system on your home means as long as the sun continues to shine, you have access to power.  This is definitely a valuable resource in the event of an energy shortage. Solar systems can also hedge the rising energy costs and allow you to make up a bit of that difference over time.

Increase Your Property Value

Having solar panels installed is a great investment as it increases property values.  When your house if appraised, they take notice of your rooftop power plant.  This will save the next homebuyer money and give them most of the perks mentioned above without having to buy the installation themselves.

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