If you discover asphalt granules in your gutters and downspouts it is definitely cause for alarm. Those little granules may not seem like an issue, but they play a formidable role in protecting your roof from damaging UV rays that can dry out your shingles and cause them to crack. 

These granules should lead you to look for other, more serious, signs of damage on your roof. While replacing the damaged shingles is really the only way to restore your roof’s integrity, there are some steps you can take to keep your roof from losing the granules.

Trim Tree Branches – It may be true that tall trees provide shade that cools off your home, but they can also remove granules as the branches swipe over the roof. For this reason all overhanging branches should be trimmed at least 3 ft. from the house.

Exercise Pest Control – Squirrels and raccoons on the roof can be annoying but more importantly they can tear up asphalt shingles and leave your roof susceptible to leaks. Keep a close eye out for nests or scratching on the roof that can be a sign of infestation.

Old Asphalt – Even the most durable roofs probably won’t hold their original appearance throughout their lifespan. If your roof was installed many years ago, it may be losing granules due to age. Be sure to have a roofing specialist like Premo Roofing Co. inspect the roof to find out if it’s time for a roof replacement.

Don’t Walk on your Roof – Walking on your roof too often can lead to granule loss. The friction between your shoes and the shingles can knock off the granules. Be careful when walking on the roof and only go up when absolutely necessary.

Remember, the older the shingles, the more granules you will probably discover. If you notice other signs of damage, be sure to contact a reputable roofing company immediately. The last thing you want to do is let a damaged roof go unnoticed until it’s too late and water begins to leak into your home – causing significant damage. So, if you have found granules in your gutter and it is causing you some concern, be sure to contact us.

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