Safety Tips for Halloween Roof Decorating

Decorating your home for the holidays is a fun project to undertake. And when you are decorating for Halloween, things get even better! However, do not lose sight of safety amid the excitement. Because you will be climbing ladders and working with electricals, safety should be your top priority. With that in mind, let’s go through some safety tips for decorating your roof for Halloween.

1. Pay Attention When Working with Electrical Items

Halloween is not really complete without flickering lights — these lights heighten the spooky factor, especially if you get the colors right. However, you must take extra care when working with them because they can quickly become hot and pose a fire hazard. Furthermore, if the plug is placed outside, keep it covered to protect it from water damage. If you are going to use an extension cord, make sure it is rated for outdoor use.

2. Step Carefully 

Being careful is the only way to avoid potentially life-threatening injuries. Pay close attention to the shingles and avoid stepping on them if they are discolored or missing. The discoloration indicates that the structure beneath is severely compromised — so decorate the area around it but avoid decorating or treading on it. Also, when climbing the ladder, make sure it is a sturdy one. Before climbing, place it on a stable surface and consider wearing slip-resistant footwear as well.

3. Get a Partner Along 

You must not attempt the Halloween decoration project alone. Having a partner not only speeds up the process but also increases safety. When your eyes are on the skeletons, your partner will be your eyes! You can even ask that they hold the ladder for you while you climb. 

4.  Be careful not to damage your gutters. 

Your gutters can become damaged if they are weighed down too heavily. String lights and other lightweight decorations can be attached to your gutters, but avoid hanging larger, heavier objects from them.

5.  Avoid using permanent methods of installing temporary decorations. 

When attaching lights, inflatables, or signage to your house, townhome, or condo, avoid using heavy duty nails or adhesives that cannot easily be removed. While these methods might do a great job at keeping the decorations in place, they can potentially compromise the waterproofing of your roof.  Plastic clips or peel-away adhesives are a great choice. 

Premo Roofing Wishes You a Happy Holiday Season!

We want you to stay safe and happy this Halloween, so put these tips to good use this year, and make it a spooktastic night to remember! 

Premo Roofing