Premo Solar Customer

My husband and I are in the final stages of a solar install by Premo Roofing on our home and a rental property. We did a lot of research over the last two years and finally pulled the trigger on it. We would highly recommend Premo based on our experience. We had roof replacements done by another local company within the last five years and we had our first solar proposal from them at that time.

Ultimately there were some issues with that project that did not give us confidence in using them for solar. We requested a proposal from another local solar company in PG but found them to be a bit disorganized in their approach so we decided to broaden our search. Premo was very responsive, quick with a comprehensive proposal and replies to our multiple follow up questions. They were also realistic about installation timelines and gave us good options when we needed it done by the end of this year to apply the tax incentive when we needed it most. We have zero regrets.

Premo Roofing