How are drones impacting the roofing industry?

Technology is advancing at a swift rate – changing and re-shaping how our society functions and performs tasks.  Drones are no exception:  cameras are getting better, and thermography has improved.  This technology has infused the roofing industry and changing the way a roof inspection is performed.

A conventional roof inspection requires someone to get up on a ladder and take notes of the problem areas. Because this process is time consuming, manual inspections aren’t conducted as often as they should, leading to a lack of preventive maintenance, large repair bills and lack of trust with customers.

A new type of roofing contractor that is willing to make the investment in drone technology, is changing the way things are done.  Drone inspections are much safer, faster and more comprehensive – ultimately providing customers with an increased level of service.

How Drones Work

The basic premise of a drone is simple:  gather data by taking high definition aerial photos or videos that allows roofing contractors to gather crucial data about the roof.  This info. would include roof dimensions, conditions, and material on the roof. 

Timesaving Technology

The conventional method of assessing roof conditions can result in hours of on-site work that cost the contractor money in time and labor.  And many times, it is very difficult to obtain the necessary information to formulate an estimate for the project.  Drones solve this problem by allowing for more precise measurements than most humans are able to achieve with a measuring tape.

A Safer Solution

Many homes have roofs with sharp corners and angled window ledges that are inaccessible with typical inspection equipment.  By using a drone, inspectors can work around problematic areas to get a good look at the work that needs to be done.  Every time the contractor or the crew are on top of the roof danger exists.  Much of the work needs to be done on the roof but many times a drone can be a safer option.  

Detailed Reporting

The need for guesswork and tiresome re-measuring is almost eliminated with software available for drone data assessment.  Highly detailed blueprints can be created in a fraction of the time it used to take, giving the customers a higher level of confidence and satisfaction.  

Helps the Client See the Roof

Before drones came into the picture, homeowners had to rely on the descriptions and photos provided by the roofing contractor to understand the situation on the roof.  Now, drones can take pictures and video from above so homeowners can see the whole roof and exactly what needs to be done.  This gives the homeowner the confidence that their money is being spent in the right place.

As technology evolves, drones will only continue to find a place in the arsenal of tools used by forward-thinking roofing contractors.  Drones are definitely here to stay. 

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