Holiday Outdoor Décor That Doesn’t Involve Your Roof!

We all know that everyone wants their house looking great for the holidays, but you don’t want to climb up on the roof to add the Christmas décor.  If this, is you, we have some great Christmas decoration ideas that are sure to impress everyone in your neighborhood.  These simple ideas don’t require a roof and they will all look fantastic.

Wreaths and Garlands

Christmas wreaths and garland are really easy to work with and go beautifully with many other holiday decorations.  There is a huge vaiety of wreaths to choose from on the market and you can find simple wreaths, wreaths with ornaments and lights or very ornate wreaths with a wide range of decorative items. 

If you are a do-it-your-selfer, you can make your own wreath!  Your new wreath will go best on doors, walls and windows or can used with other decorative pieces.  


Ribbons are very flexible and can be integrated into all sorts of other Christmas holidays ideas.  You can thread a beautiful ribbon through all your decorations or place a huge bow on your porch or mailbox.  A ribbon is an easy affordable addition to any holiday scene.

Repurposed Decorations

DIY holiday ideas opens up a whole new world for the crafty decorator.   Pine needles, branches and pinecones can be used to form a collection of decorations.  Do you have any old jars, lanterns or glass bottles lying around your home?  Fill them with Christmas lights and line your porch or driveway.  DIY /Christmas decorations can be assembled with minimal expense.

Inflatables and Other Lawn Ornaments

Lawn ornaments and inflatables top the list of Christmas holiday ornaments every year.  Snowmen, snow globes, Santas, etc. are easy to find and easy to setup in your front yard.  Nativity scenes can be combined with the inflatables and lawn ornaments for a very festive scene.

Light Stakes

Light stakes make quick, easy, and precise work of installing ground bound holiday lighting. Mounting strings of lights along driveways, sidewalks, patios and pathways adds a brilliant touch to any outdoor decorating project. But getting each of those lights to stay where you want, safe and secure, and not lying on the ground – that will give you a headache. Unless you are using the right tools for the job…Light Stakes to the Rescue. They pack a powerful punch in nudging your Christmas display toward an impressive new level of elegance.

Have a Festive Holiday

It only takes a couple of simple Christmas decorations to really bring your home to life.  And, you don’t even have to get up on the roof.

Remember, with the holidays comes winter weather, so it is a good idea to make sure your home is winterized.  Getting a handle on roof damage early is the key to preventing more extensive damage later.  Premo Roofing Company can help.

Thank you to all our customers for letting us support you and your homes this year.  We hope the holiday season will be filled with warmth and comfort for all, and we are looking forward to starting the new year off strong.  Merry Christmas and Happy 2022 to all!

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