Fourth of July Roof Fire Prevention

BBQs, Picnics, Vacation, Fireworks, Roof Maintenance- which one of those words is out of place? Actually none of those words is out of place in July.  It is very important not to forget about your roof.  Fires are more likely to occur this week with fireworks going off all around us.  Even if you don’t plan on using fireworks yourself, there is always a chance an errant bottle rocket could land on your roof.  Below are some tips for keeping your home safe during the Fourth of July festivities.

Clean your Roof and Gutters

Clearing debris from your roof should be included in your regular home maintenance.  The week of Fourth of July is especially important to keep your roof and gutters clean.  Leaves, branches, pine needles and debris are especially dry and can be fuel for a fire.

Light Off Fireworks in a Safe Location

The best and safest option is to go to a professional fireworks display.  Your friends and family can hear all the “oohs and awes” without any risk to yours or your neighbors home.  If you do plan on lighting fireworks off at your own home, make sure you have a safe area to do it in.  Make sure you are a safe distance away from other structures, trees or flammable material.  Use good common sense.

Dispose of Fireworks Properly

If you let everyone in on the fireworks display, make sure you have proper supervision and educate the attendees on fire prevention and most importantly, safety from bodily harm. Sparklers, a favorite among kids, can get very hot and can ignite the dry grass and other debris.  After all fireworks have been used, make sure to collect them all, including the ones that didn’t go off, and soak them for at least one hour before disposing.

Premo Roofing Cares! We stress roof maintenance because we care about your family’s safety.  If you have any concerns about your roof, we will gladly come by and evaluate any issues and give you a free estimate.  We specialize in all types of roofing and summer is a great time to re-roof or make necessary repair.  Call us today, 831-443-3605  or fill our our quick estimate form.  

Stay safe as we celebrate our nation’s Independence!

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