Factors in Pricing a Roof


There are many factors that affect the selection of the roofing contractor that will replace your roof. Beyond contractor reputation, license and insurance, the most important factors are the scope of work, materials, project details and ultimately the cost.   So, how does a roofing company price a new roof?

When Premo Roofing Company provides an estimate for a new roof, we take into consideration the following factors to determine the cost of your new roof:

  • We look at the accessibility to your home. How easily can our crews maneuver around the home without being hindered by fences, flowerbeds, pools, decks or other structures not related to the project.
  • We will figure out a roofing square to give us an accurate size of the roof. We will take a roof measurement based on square footage and then divide this number by 100 to give us the roofing square because most roofing materials are sold by the square, not the square foot.
  • We will check to see how many layers of shingles already exist on the home. Homes with multiple layers of shingles will mean more labor in the tear off as well as more in dumping fees to haul the trash away to the local landfill.
  • The roof’s pitch is an important factor in determining roof cost. An increase in pitch (steepness) is an increase in price due to the increased danger while working on a steep roof. A steep pitched roof is considered not walkable and requires much more staging, safety and labor to complete the project.
  • The type of roofing surface that will be installed makes a huge difference in the final cost of the project. The product being used plays a huge role in the aesthetic design, weight, durability and the longevity of the new roofing system. If you have a sloped roof, asphalt composition shingles are the entry-level product, while dimensional lifetime shingles will be much more costly. Concrete and clay tile is more of a mid-range product and wood shake, metal and slate drop into the higher range roofing products.
  • The type of warranty also affect the price of the roofing project. Extended warranties backed by the manufacturer sometimes require additional steps, materials and inspections to back and support the roofer’s labor and workmanship. A standard warranty typically does not require the extra steps and saves on costs.
  • Every roofing project has extra details that need to be considered in the price. Finish and prep details like the type of lumber being used for fascia and rafters, finishing sealants, chimneys and skylights, etc. will play a bit role in the final cost you will pay for your roofing system.

With these factors in mind, you should now be better able to prepare for any future need to replace your roof. Working with a reputable roofing company like Premo Roofing Company can help you protect yourself from other unexpected costs that could result from an improperly installed roof.   You can trust Premo Roofing to give you a roof that will protect your home and an accurate estimate. Call us today at 831-443-3605 or request your Free Estimate today!

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