Enphase Solar Battery Storage Price Drop!

Last week we found out that Enphase is dropping their battery systems 20%! With this price drop installing a battery system is more affordable than ever. If you’ve been waiting to install a battery storage system, give us a call and we can provide you with a FREE quote!

…What are the benefits of a solar battery?

Peak Rate Savings

With PG&E’s continued hardships they have formulated creative ways to increase your bill with a rate schedule called “Time of Use” (TOU).  Essentially this means that from 4pm to 9pm Monday through Friday they charge you a very large rate per kWh, This change can significantly increase your monthly bill.  The Enphase battery systems we install are programmed to turn on at 4pm and turn off at 9pm which takes you off the grid during the Peak pricing period, which adds to your solar pay-back and independence. 

Power Through Blackouts

A solar panel system without a battery, by law, must shut off during a blackout to avoid back feeding the grid.  A solar system with a battery system will switch you off the downed grid and keep your refrigerator, lights, and essential loads on until the next day when it will be recharged by your solar array.

If you have any questions about installing a battery alongside your solar system don’t hesitate to give Premo Solar a call at 831-216-3093.

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