Christmas Décor that doesn’t involve your roof!

How do you decorate the exterior of your home for the holidays without accessing your roof?  We have some great holiday decorating ideas that are sure to impress your neighborhood.  They don’t require using your roof and they look amazing.

Wreaths and Garland

Wreaths and garland are extremely easy to work with and go with other Christmas decorations.  There are many wreaths to choose from, including simple pine wreaths, some with ornaments and lights, moss wreaths and ornate wreaths with all sorts of other decorative pieces. How about making your own wreath?  They can be placed on doors, walls, windows and propped up against other decorative pieces. 

Garland can be as decorative as a wreath but much more versatile.  They can be used on porch railings and banisters, pinned on walls and laid on shrubs and trees.

Shrub and Tree Lighting

This list wouldn’t be complete without our interpretation regarding lighting.  Well-placed lights can be the main feature of any holiday décor. Festive lights do not have to be placed on the roof.  Lights that are designed for low-lying objects like shrubs can be strung on the porch and throughout the lawn.

Repurposed Decorations

If you are a crafty decorator, DIY projects are perfect for the holiday season.  Plants like pine trees, pine branches, pinecones and poinsettias can be used to create holiday decorative scenes.  

Old jars, lanterns and glass bottles can be filled with Christmas lights and placed on walkways and front porches.  How about filling up baskets, buckets or window boxes with decorative plants and brightly colored ornaments to complete your holiday scene.  DIY decorations can be put together with ease and on a budget, all without climbing a ladder.

Inflatables and lawn ornaments

Lawn ornaments and inflatables have quickly become the ornaments of choice for many households. Inflatable snowmen, snow globes, Santas and other holiday icons are widely available.  Nativity scenes, sleds, deer and many other holiday objects are easily purchased and are available in any store.  It’s always beneficial to combine inflatables and lawn ornaments with holiday lights for a festive scene.

Happy Holidays

We hope these tips provide you with incentive and ideas to help you complete your decorating efforts and bring your home to life.  And best of all, you don’t have to access your roof.

With the holidays comes holiday weather.  It is a good idea to make sure your home is winter-ready.  Recognizing damage is key to preventing more extensive damage that could be far more expensive.  If you lack the ability to access your roof or attic, or just don’t want to climb a ladder, we recommend contacting an expert like Premo Roofing for an inspection and possible repairs.

At Premo Roofing, we want you to enjoy a healthy holiday season free of decorating hazards.  We hope you’ll follow our tips so you can relax and enjoy your home this Christmas. 

Happy Holidays from Premo Roofing Company!

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