Choosing the Right Roofing Material for Your Home

Your roof is an area of your property that is easy to forget about when it’s doing what it needs to: but the second there’s a problem, it can feel like the sky is literally falling. Whether you’re looking at a long-term option to make your home safe and weather resistant, or you’re selling and want a roof that will look good and be price effective, it’s important to choose carefully.

These are the top things to consider when picking a roofing material and some options most homeowners choose between.

Why Does the Material Matter?

Regardless of what gable roof design or building layout you have, your roof’s stability depends on your shingles and the materials used in order to protect your home. There are countless types of shingles, from slate to wood shake, and each has its pros and cons while still needing yearly maintenance.

Materials also severely impact the price of whatever roof you get. A slate roof can cost two to three times more than other materials, but it’s important to remember that a roof of this material will also outlast many others when properly maintained.

Remember Weather Conditions

What’s the weather like in your area? Different shingle shapes and styles will offer benefits, or be troubled by, many different weather types. Look at what the weather is like where you live, and research why specific shingle styles are popular where you are. 

Don’t follow this as law, though! Most shingle materials in the modern age are well-made and well-maintained, allowing them to last longer and work well in nearly every environment. If you love a style or material, and it doesn’t always do well in the weather in your area, shop around to get as close to that look as you can.

What’s the Primary Use of this Space?

If you want to add more exterior space with a roof deck, you want shingles that can handle the commotion and activity. Beyond roof deck tiles, your shingles have to be strong, water resistant, and work well with the design you want for this area. Roof decks are far less common in areas outside of main cities, but they’re a great way to build value into your home without having to take up lawn space.

Consider Your Roof’s Shape

What’s the pitch and shape of your roof? A roof that’s flatter, with a lower slope, won’t necessarily even need shingles and might do better with membrane roofing. On the other hand, gable roof design has been incredibly popular in recent years because of its beautiful look and how well it’s able to shed water. This is a vital point in its favor since a large portion of Americans are concerned about quickly changing weather patterns.

Do You Prefer More Natural Materials?

One of the most popular types of roofing materials in recent years has been cedar shake shingles! Wood shake is great because of its beautiful look, the fact that it’s made mostly from bio-friendly materials, and the maintenance is straightforward. Metal roofing has become popular in recent years for the same reasons while offering an even more durable and long-lasting appeal. Both of these can be shaped and styled to suit any property’s look.

What Needs the Least Maintenance?

Maintenance is something most homeowners don’t want to think about, but truthfully it’s the same for a lot of these materials. The most important thing you can do is keep the roof clear of leaves and debris and keep an eye out for damaged, misplaced, or warped shingles. 

Gutter guards can help you achieve this, avoiding any issues of having to climb up and clear your roof multiple times a year. Slate and metal roofing generally last the longest, but they still need yearly maintenance and work to ensure they survive their full target lifetime.

How to Budget for Your Roof

A new roof can cost tens of thousands of dollars, getting more expensive for strange and complicated roof styles. Budgeting is important to save yourself from falling into debt on this update. 

Try setting aside money throughout the year, and keep an ear out for deals. The best time to get this work done is in the late fall or winter if you’re in an area that doesn’t get a lot of snow. 

Remember Insulation

Your roof is one of the main defense mechanisms your property has against weather fluctuations. Boost this by making sure you get your insulation checked when your property’s roof is getting replaced. Insulation can drop your monthly heating and cooling bills and gives you a chance to block out moisture, sound pollution, insect life, and so much more!

The Roofing Material You Pick Matters!

Whether you’re updating your roof so you can sell or you’re looking for the best fit to protect your property for the next thirty to fifty years, the material will decide your future. Heavily consider your options, and reach out to Premo Roofing to pick a shingle that will work for you.
Andrew Wesley is a freelance writer that loves sharing his knowledge and expertise on roofing projects and materials. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia where he enjoys spending time with his wife and working on projects in his spare time. Andrew’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisor, a new construction industry resource site.

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