6 Decrees for Maintaining Your Home in 2018 and Beyond

Many people make resolutions at the beginning of each New Year; unfortunately, most of those resolutions are never kept. In fact, according to one U.S. News report, 80 percent of resolutions never survive past February! Resolutions require determination—and we know those January 1 goals can be difficult to support.

Aside from personal resolutions you might have made, we would like to offer some other resolutions to follow in 2018: home maintenance endeavors. Every year, well-intentioned homeowners insist they will do a better job with the upkeep of their home. The weeks and months pass while all those well-intentioned projects are forgotten. Before you know it, you are ringing in 2019 and swearing you will take better care of your home in the upcoming year.

These six home projects aren’t difficult or involved, but if you follow them, you will be happier with the state of your home at the end of the year.

1. Look at Your Roof Every Season

When we suggest you “look at your roof,” we don’t mean an occasional glance up when you pull in and out of your driveway. It is imperative you devote some time to carefully examine the top of your home. This may be possible from the ground level, or you may want to (carefully) climb a ladder to get a closer view. Look for cracked or missing or cracked shingles, gutter difficulties – debris or nests, and other issues that could be wrong with your roof. Each season brings unique threats to your roof, so assessing your roof every three months ensures you’re not waiting too long to catch a problem that could be a costly repair. If you do suspect a problem, call Premo Roofing Company for a professional inspection.

2. Review Your Homeowner’s Insurance

This project won’t take long; review your homeowner’s insurance to renew which items are covered or not covered, who to call for a claim, how much of a deductible to pay, etc. Many times, after a disaster strikes your home, the owner rushes to determine they are covered. Review your policy now to eliminate surprises, before that storm blows shingles off your roof.

3. Use Caution with Riskier Home Tasks

As you work on your home repairs, take extreme caution with any task that is hazardous—both to yourself and your home. Replacing a toilet on your own might save money, but getting it done wrong might lead to a watery disaster. For any repair that would make you uncomfortable or has an increased level of personal danger, definitely call a professional rather than risking injury. We want you to make it to 2019 in one piece!

4. Don’t Avoid Minor Repairs

Most homeowners have minor problems throughout their homes—little repairs that they never seem to get around to fixing. This year, decide to tackle that missing ceiling tile, the drippy faucet, or the small hole in the drywall. You don’t need to do all the repairs at one time; one repair per weekend or per month should be sufficient to get everything completed before next year.

5. Vents, Ducts, and Filters

Dust and lint are everywhere. Homeowners may be meticulous about dusting surfaces around the house but they often forget about air ducts and furnace filters. A clogged filter or a dusty vent can affect the of your furnace, air conditioning, clothes dryer, and so on. This year, resolve to change filters regularly, and vacuum out vents.

6. Think About Energy Savings

Replacing filters throughout your home is just one way to realize energy savings. There are additional measures that can be taken that will save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Caulking windows, using the program function on your thermostat, and using ceiling fans in the summer are just a few of the ways to be more energy-efficient in 2018. Not only will you save some money, but you can make the world a better place for 2019 and beyond.

Which New Year’s resolutions have you made for your home in 2018?

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