Roofing Blogs You Could Learn a Thing or Two From

If you’re looking to stay on top of the latest roofing industry news, trends, tips, and other information check out the following roofing blogs.  These blogs are perfect for any contractor, business owner or homeowner just looking for general information.  Keep reading to find out more!


June 27, 2022

Are you looking for a way to brighten your home with natural light and save money on your electric bill? Skylights and sun tunnels may be the answer.  They also add an attractive ele... learn more

Why Are Metal Roofs Gaining in Popularity?

May 20, 2022

In the past, metal roofing was primarily used only for commercial buildings.  But today, it’s one of the fastest-growing roofing materials used for both residential and commercial project... learn more


March 30, 2022

I’m sure when you think about your roof, fun is not the first thing that comes to your mind.  But at Premo Roofing, we think of roofing all the time.  That’s why we assembled a ... learn more

Why Should I Invest In Solar Panels?

February 28, 2022

Solar energy is an amazing resource that just keeps getting better and more efficient.  At Premo Roofing and Premo Solar, we are roofing and solar experts. We specialize in all types of r... learn more

Premo Roofing: A Salinas Company with a Commitment to Excellence

January 28, 2022

Walt Disney once said, “Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others ... learn more

Holiday Outdoor Décor That Doesn’t Involve Your Roof!

December 12, 2021

We all know that everyone wants their house looking great for the holidays, but you don’t want to climb up on the roof to add the Christmas décor.  If this, is you, we have some great Chr... learn more

Thank you for choosing Premo Roofing Company

November 21, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties.  After completing thousands of roofing projects in Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito counties, we know that our success o... learn more

Safety Tips for Halloween Roof Decorating

October 25, 2021

Decorating your home for the holidays is a fun project to undertake. And when you are decorating for Halloween, things get even better! However, do not lose sight of safety amid the excitement. Bec... learn more

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