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Thank You Roof Series: Roof Ventilation

Continuing our Thank You Roof Series: Jimmy Fallon Style, we thank our roof ventilation.

Thank You Roof Ventilation for keeping us cool in the summer.

Without you our summer barbecues would keep us sweaty all the time making us smelly to our friends and family.

Thank You Roof Ventilation for keeping us dry in the winter and preventing ice dams.

Without you our walls would have water stains and been posted on Facebook with our ceilings caving in.

Thank You Roof Ventilation for helping my roof last longer

Without you I’d have to call Premo Roofing to come and make repairs because no air is flowing underneath my roof.

Thank You Roof Ventilation for keeping the mildew away

Without you my house would smell keeping my friends away wondering what that smell was.

Thank You Roof Ventilation for not stressing my AC unit out

Without you my AC unit would work over time and make me spend over $5000 for a replacement sooner rather than later.

There you go…right there! Thanks for being a part of our Thank You Roof series!

From our house to yours – Premo Roofing Company Wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!



Thank You Roof Series: Jimmy Fallon Style

Oct. begins our Thank-You-Roof series where we begin to thank all the things our roof does for us.  We forget to remember how much our roofs protect us and since it’s Oct., we think it’s appropriate.

So, here it is Jimmy Fallon style:

Thank You Roof for Keeping out the Cold and Heat

Yes, we have our AC’s on and our Heaters running, but roof you did more for us by supporting our units from dying or exploding.  You kept the temperatures sealed inside and kept us from sweating and shivering.

Thank You Roof for Keeping out the Rain and Snow

We sat with our cups of coffee at our kitchen table looking out the windows watching the rain and snow fall.  We could only do that because you kept us warm and dry.

Thank You Roof for Keeping the Birds from Dumping on our Heads

Without you roof, who knows how many birds would have flown over and pooped all over our furniture and appliances.  You kept every meal at the kitchen table safe and poop-free.

Thank You Roof for Keeping All the Animals Away

It’s bad enough the deer, rabbits, and raccoons eat from our garden, but you protected us.  You kept those pesky critters out! Thank you.

Thank You Roof for Letting Us Sleep on the Weekends

We would have sunburns or frostbites every weekend if we didn’t have you to protect us from the harsh elements.  We sleep better knowing we won’t wake up as a snowman or a lobster.

Thank You Roof for Giving a Place for Santa to Land

Without you roof, where would Santa land to come down that chimney?  He would have to bring a ladder to every house to climb up that chimney.  You give a place for his reindeer to land and rest while Santa delivers presents to all the little children on Christmas Eve.  Thank you.

Stay tuned for more Thank-You-Roof series during the month of November!