Your home’s roof is not just a protective barrier; it’s an investment that requires regular care to maintain its integrity and longevity. From harsh weather conditions to natural wear and tear, your roof faces numerous challenges throughout its lifespan. However, with the right maintenance routine and professional support, you can ensure that your roof remains … Continued

In the competitive world of roofing services, customer-focused companies stand out for their commitment to prioritizing client satisfaction. These businesses place the customer at the forefront of their operations, offering a range of benefits that go beyond a sturdy roof. Here’s a closer look at the advantages of doing business with a customer-focused roofing company … Continued

The team at Premo Roofing and Solar would like to take this opportunity to wish you a safe and happy holiday, and to say thank you to our valued customers.  At this time of year, we remember how fortunate we are for all we have and the importance of family, friends, and sharing moments that will … Continued

The energy you consume is a significant amount of your monthly expenses.  If you could somehow control your energy usage, then there might be a possibility your finances would improve.  Below are some helpful tips to help you save energy. *Conducting an energy audit can help you identify areas of inefficiency in your home or business. *It … Continued

Moisture poses risks such as condensation, mold, shingle decay, structural harm and more. Subpar installation, inexperienced contractors and suboptimal materials can all jeopardize your roof’s health and longevity. In rainy regions, your roof faces additional challenges from harsh elements, which, if ignored, can lead to costly repairs and unsafe living conditions.   As previously mentioned, neglected … Continued

It is commonly said that the quality of a home lies in its bones. And while the importance of foundational and structural elements cannot be understated, it is the quality of the curb appeal that will catch prospective buyers’ attention in the first place. With this in mind, keep reading for 10 transformative exterior renovations … Continued

Did you know there are many different components that will affect the life of your roof?  To help you protect your investment, below is a list of reasons that your roof may suffer an early failure.   Low Quality Materials It’s probably best not to use price as a determining factor when choosing your new roof material.  While … Continued

In the realm of home renovations, repairing the roof is not always the most exciting project to undertake. However, it is arguably at the very top of the list in terms of importance. A quality roof plays a number of roles, from securing the aesthetics of the home to promoting energy efficiency. Therefore, if you … Continued

Your roof is an area of your property that is easy to forget about when it’s doing what it needs to: but the second there’s a problem, it can feel like the sky is literally falling. Whether you’re looking at a long-term option to make your home safe and weather resistant, or you’re selling and … Continued

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